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Justice. It seems such a simple phrase, yet hidden underneath are complexities which humanity has debated since the time of Socrates. What does justice mean? By what moral codes do we define justice? Does justice even exist beyond the human imagination? Questions like these drove me while I was a student at New Mexico State University studying for my Philosophy degree. As a result of my studies, I became fascinated by the law as a form of applied justice. I knew then that my calling was to be an attorney.

After graduating from NMSU in 2006, I decided to attend law school at Western New England University. While there I had many opportunities to immerse myself in the practice of law. I was selected to be an extern for the Honorable Robert Field of the Housing Court, a court which had jurisdiction over all civil and criminal matters involving the use of residential property. I was also selected to be a student attorney in the Consumer Law Clinic, which allowed me to represent indigent clients who had been taken advantage of by businesses or landlords.

After I graduated law school in 2010, I decided I was sick of the cold weather in Massachusetts and moved back to sunny New Mexico. I took the NM Bar Exam that summer and was admitted to the New Mexico bar in September 2010.

In December 2011, I decided to become a prosecutor for the Third Judicial District Attorney's Office, where I worked for about a year and a half. Thanks to my time at the District Attorney's office, I learned how to handle to fast pace of the legal profession (my caseload comprised of an average of 150 active cases), how to construct a case to overcome a heavy burden of proof, and how to protect a case against the attacks of opposing counsel. While at the District Attorney's office, I also had the opportunity to be part of the Magistrate Drug Court program, which is dedicated to providing treatment services for repeat DWI offenders. Being part of Drug Court was one of my favorite experiences of being a prosecutor because it allowed me the opportunity to see the law used as a source of rehabilitation and healing.

After several years focusing on primarily criminal matters, I decided to further expand my experience in civil law, so I accepted a position at a local civil firm. During this time I worked to refine my skills in the civil law realm. I handled a wide range of cases from probate of wills to property disputes to divorce and child custody issues.

When I decided to open my own firm, I was determined to my it the goal in every case is to provide my clients with the best possible representation and to obtain the best possible result at the most reasonable price possible. “Seek Justice” is the motto I live by, and I will fight tooth and nail to see justice is done.

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